Gynophilus 14 vaginal capsules

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Gynophilus 14 vaginal capsules

What can cause disturbance of the vaginal flora?

Some of the known causes can be the use of antibiotics, the use of tampons, heavy menstrual periods, aggressive personal hygiene and frequent use of antifungal drugs.

Even when the exact cause has not yet been determined, this balance must be maintained as it helps prevent vaginal infections.

What are the signs of violation of the vaginal flora?

Signs include itching, odor, increased flow, burning, discomfort and inflammation.

Each GYNOPHILUS capsule contains:

• Lactobacillus casei v. rhamnosus Döderlein / Lactobacilli of Döderlein (LCR35®): a freeze-dried culture of lactobacilli (341 mg) containing at least 109 cells per gram.

• Filler: Lactose monohydrate.

The lactobacilli of Doderlines are bacteria that are naturally present in the vagina and contribute to maintaining or restoring a healthy flora by lowering the pH.

How should GYNOPHILUS be used?

GYNOPHILUS® is a capsule that is inserted into the vagina.

The capsule is moistened with water so that it can be inserted more easily.

After administration, the structure disintegrates and the product is released.

GYNOPHILUS® does not emit odor and does not cause staining.

Gynophilus App instructions:

1 vaginal capsule 2 times daily during the initial 7-day treatment period.

GYNOPHILUS® is usually used:

- as a follow-up treatment after using a topical antibiotic or antifungal treatment;

- in parallel with oral antibiotic treatment.

1 vaginal capsule once daily for 14 days to maintain treatment. Repeat if necessary.

Adults only.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not swallow.

Gynophilus During treatment:

• You may have sexual intercourse, but the use of condoms, spermicides or a latex diaphragm (risk of rupture or deactivation) is not recommended.

• If you have not wetted the capsule properly before use, parts of the capsule may be discarded (daily dressings are recommended).


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