GYNTIMA x 10, vaginal suppository, yeast infection medicine


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  • Yeast infection medicine. Gyntima vaginal suppository, a probiotic product, which is produced in the vaginal environment for living cultures and protect them laktobacylów indicated for the development of health. The suppositories are indicated in the course of antibiotic therapy, the lactation and menopause.

1 vaginal suppository contains:
active substances: Lactosum, Acidum lacticum, Proteose peptone, Acidum folicum, extractum Salviae officinalis.
Excipients: PEG 32, PEG 20, polysorbatum 20, Natrii chloridum, Magnesii sulphas Operation and use: Gyntima vaginal suppositories, is a product whose members are substances that help in the natural reproduction of laktobacylów - living microorganisms present inside the vagina. Any change that leads to a decrease in their number, outrageously affects the health of women and intimate to change the acidic vagina. This condition can lead to unpleasant infections and inflammations. Suppositories Gyntima, are indicated for use for an extended period of time in order to ensure the best possible environment for the development of friendly microbes - especially during lactation and menopause, and the adoption of an oral contraceptive or antibiotic treatment. Dosage is recommended to use 1x per day, preferably in the evening before bedtime, the hygiene of the evening. The length of treatment 10 days.