H&S organic baby and children's tea Träumfein filter bags

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H&S Baby and Children's Tea Träumfein No. 74
20 filter bags of 1.2g

organic lavender-apple tea.

organic lavender apple tea.

organic baby and children's tea Preparation:
Always brew the tea fresh and consume it within 3 hours. Do not reheat (do not use a microwave) and do not sweeten. After the 4th-6th Month (approx. 8 kg body weight). 1 filter bag H&S Träumfein for 250-300 ml (bottle / large cup). Pour fresh, bubbly boiling water over it and let it steep for 8 minutes; max. 1 sachet daily. Take out the filter bag and squeeze it out gently. Let cool down to drinking temperature (approx. 37 ° C) and check. The tea tastes warm and cold. Contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), no allergens and no additives that have to be declared.