Hair accessories, Invisibobble CU Later Alligator dark green hair rubber x 3 pieces per pack


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  • Hair accessories, hair rubber. Under the intriguing name of CU Later Alligator, we find erasers in dark green. Invisibobble elastics are unique, very durable and flexible, and also do not burden the scalp and do not leave any creases on the hair.

Operation and application:
When it gets hot outside, you're more likely to tie your hair, because it's much more convenient than wearing them dissolved. However, after a day or so you may feel discomfort or headache, which is the result of too much hair being pulled off your skin. With Invisibobble, you'll forget about this unpleasant feeling. It binds the hair with optimum strength, and the special spring-like construction allows an even distribution of the weight of the hair. This has one more advantage - the rubber does not leave any marks or creases on the hair, even after a few hours, after they are dissolved, they are still straight and smooth. It is also worth noting the exceptional durability and durability of Invisibobble elastics and practical water resistance. The dark shade of green is the color version of CU Later Alligator. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas