Hair loss prevention L-cysteine NATURAFIT

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Hair loss prevention L-cysteine NATURAFIT capsules

Pack size:30x3 PC Dosage form:Capsules L-cysteine

Vital, full hair stands for health and attractiveness, but hair loss can be unsettling.

“Prevent hair loss” by Naturafit Innovativ Beauty from the only manufacturer of micronutrients in Germany fights hair loss with a special formula made up of over 20 different micronutrients: It works against acute hair loss and as a prevention against future hair loss.

Naturafit GmbH uses its knowledge from 20 years of intensive research for this preparation.

In our manufactory we only combine high quality, pure micronutrients to create this unique complex that supports your hair roots and hair structure from the inside out:

L-cysteine ​​and biotin are the basic building blocks for healthy hair. L-arginine, taurine and green tea extract ensure a strong blood flow to the hair roots and thus promote growth. B vitamins and zinc contribute to normal hair maintenance.

Acute hair loss must be stopped quickly: Experience how it stagnates after just a few weeks, the growth of new hair is accelerated and stimulated. Defects should be compensated for in the long term as they arose. We recommend one cure application over several

Hair loss prevention L-cysteine NATURAFIT  Months for an optimal result. After the end of the hair loss cure, other products from Naturafit Innovativ Beauty support the targeted build-up of your hair fullness.

Treat yourself to valuable micronutrients for your beauty every day - for surprising results!

Food supplements Hair loss prevention NATURAFIT L-cysteine . The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

Hair loss prevention L-cysteine NATURAFIT  Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!