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Hair rubber bands, Invisibobble Lucky Fountain purple hair rubber x 3 pieces per pack


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  • Hair rubber bands. The light-colored Invisibobble Lucky Fountain hair rubber will steal your heart! It is maximally comfortable and provides your hair with all-day comfort. With her you will forget about broken and ripped hair.

Operation and application:
Do you hate to wear dissolved hair? You appreciate the convenience, that's why your favorite hairstyle is a practical ponytail. With these individuals in mind, an absolutely groundbreaking Invisibobble hairbrush has been created! Tying a high pony can be aggravating for the scalp. It causes a feeling of tension and sometimes even a headache. This problem is eliminated when you remove the hair with an Invisibobble. Its spring-like structure means that the hair is not crushed in a tight ponytail, and the scalp does not suffer from too much pulling. In addition, after the hair has been dissolved, there are no traces of them that often remain after using a traditional rubber band. Invisibobble wins with the ordinary frot, also in terms of strength and durability. Its flexible plastic is also waterproof. Information that is extremely important for people who do not like monotony is the fact that