HAMETUM hemorrhoid suppositories 400 mg 25 pcs

Dr Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG

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HAMETUM hemorrhoid suppositories 400 mg 25 pcs

Hametum ® hemorrhoid suppositories

Active ingredient: Hamamelis leaf extract. For itching, oozing and burning in the early stages of hemorrhoidal disease.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG - Karlsruhe

Treating hemorrhoids with an active ingredient from nature
Hamamelis, also known as witch hazel, is known for its healing effect on skin and mucous membrane problems. Witch hazel has also proven itself in the treatment of symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. With Hametum ®Hemorrhoid ointment and suppositories, which contain an active ingredient from witch hazel, can treat symptoms of hemorrhoids effectively and naturally. The combination of a herbal active ingredient with a rich ointment base is suitable in the acute phase as a supplement to a pain reliever, but also for long-term treatment. You should not treat hemorrhoids yourself for more than four weeks without medical advice.

How to recognize hemorrhoids:
Itching and burning sensation: These excruciating symptoms appear in the anal area when you have hemorrhoids. Painful conditions and bleeding can also occur. With Hametum ®Hemorrhoid ointment and suppositories can be used to treat hemorrhoidal symptoms in the early stages. Both preparations are suitable both in combination with a pain reliever and for permanent treatment, but not for longer than four weeks without medical advice.

How to treat hemorrhoids around the clock
There are two different application forms available for
treating hemorrhoids: Hametum ®Hemorrhoid ointment and suppositories. Both contain the proven and natural active ingredient from witch hazel. In order to treat the hemorrhoids effectively during the day, the ointment is recommended. It should be applied to the affected skin areas several times a day. For this purpose, this area should be cleaned thoroughly beforehand and carefully patted dry. The suppositories are an effective form of treatment for the night. They should be applied after a bowel movement.

This is how witch hazel works
The herbal active ingredient from witch hazel in Hametum ® hemorrhoid ointment and suppositories inhibits inflammation and thus itching. Annoying symptoms such as a burning sensation are effectively relieved.

What causes hemorrhoids The fact is that everyone has hemorrhoids. They ensure the fine sealing of the rectum. They only become a disease when they are enlarged and inflamed. An unhealthy lifestyle with a low-fiber diet, a tendency to constipation, obesity or too little exercise can promote the development of hemorrhoids. The good news, if enlarged hemorrhoids are treated at the first sign, the nagging symptoms can be relieved well.

* four weeks without a medical diagnosis