HAMETUM wound and healing ointment 50gr.

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Hametum ® Wound and Healing Ointment 6.25 g / 100 g PACK 50gr.

Active ingredient: Hamamelis distillate.

HAMETUM wound and healing ointment Areas of application:
Slight skin injuries, small-scale inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes. Consultation with a doctor is necessary in the case of large or purulent infected wounds.

HAMETUM wound and healing ointment For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe

Hametum ® wound and healing ointment for

wounds: What to do now

In the case of small, superficial wounds and injuries, there is no need to see a doctor immediately. Most people know that from experience. However, cuts & co. Should not be taken lightly. Because even if only the top layers of the skin are injured, there is a risk of inflammation and symptoms such as itching. In addition, every injury is a gateway for germs. The wound should therefore first be cleaned under running water. Then carefully pat any excess moisture dry and then treat the area with a wound ointment. This helps the skin to heal the wounds again. For fresh wounds, it is advisable to apply Hametum wound and healing ointment several times a day.

Witch hazel: how this plant helps

Hametum Wund- und Heilsalbe contains a herbal active ingredient from witch hazel (witch hazel). This is used to heal small injuries to the skin as it relieves itching, which is a common symptom of injuries. In addition, inflammation is contained, small bleeding is stopped and wound healing is promoted.

Why mature skin needs special care

Young skin has a strong ability to regenerate quickly after minor injuries. However, the older the skin gets, the more difficult it is to set repair mechanisms in motion. Even light superficial wounds take longer to heal. The cause: mature skin is thinner and more sensitive. It is therefore particularly important to support them with a wound and healing ointment in the event of minor injuries. As a supplement to full body care, Hametum Medical Skin Care is the ideal choice.

How Hametum wound and healing ointment works

The successful treatment of wounds with Hametum wound and healing ointment is due on the one hand to the herbal active ingredient from witch hazel (witch hazel). On the other hand, the rich ointment base alleviates discomfort that occurs with minor injuries. The ointment donates fat and moisture to the skin, which can increase its barrier function again. It cares for the irritated skin and ensures that it becomes more elastic again.