HÄMORRPEN 1pc haemorrPEN ® permanent treatment of haemorrhoids

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haemorrPEN ® (HÄMORRPEN)

haemorrPEN ® is an ideal medical product for acute and permanent treatment of haemorrhoids.

The special shape and the material (polytetrafluoroethylene) of haemorrPEN ® that does not adhere to tissue and wounds cause the sphincter muscle to relax in a particularly gentle and painless way and thus contribute to the natural regression of haemorrhoids. Furthermore, haemorrPEN ® compresses existing wounds, so that any capillary bleeding can be stopped.

HÄMORRPEN Application:
Simple and usually not uncomfortable or barely noticeable introduction of haemorrPEN ®into the anus due to its ergonomically shaped polytetrafluoroethylene material that does not adhere to tissue and wounds for <60 minutes per application. Can be used over and over again, taking into account the best-before date. Without chemical additives, can be combined with ointments.

Please read the instructions for use carefully. haemorrPEN ® is a certified medical product and is manufactured in Germany.