HANSAPLAST best earplugs for sleeping

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Maybe best earplugs for sleeping


Hansaplast Lärmstop earplugs 6 pieces

Keep loud noises from sleeping, so the nights are less restful. These noises can be reduced by up to 33db with the Hansaplast earplugs. In this way they help you to have peaceful nights again.

The soft and soft material of the earplugs ensures a high level of comfort and ease of use. Insertion is very easy: the earplug is turned in one direction until a thin plug forms. This is then inserted into the ear, where it automatically expands and adapts to the ear canal.

HANSAPLAST best earplugs for sleeping Use:
The tip of the earplugs only needs to be turned in one direction and then inserted into the ear canal. There they then expand automatically.

• Ear plugs to protect against noise
• Noise reduction for a good night's sleep
• Reduces noise by 33db
• Soft & easy to use