HARNTEE 400 TAD N granules for cystitis 300 ml

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Harntee 400 TAD ® N. for cystitis

Active ingredient: Ginkgo biloba leaves dry extract.

Areas of application: For flushing out inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract and as a prevention against kidney gravel. If you have blood in your urine, if you have a fever or if the symptoms persist for more than 5 days, a doctor must be consulted.

Warnings: Medicinal product contains glucose, glucose syrup, sucrose (sugar) and lactose. Only take the preparation after consulting a doctor if there is an intolerance to certain sugars.

For information for cystitis on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Status: November 2003.

Harntee 400 TAD ® N for cystitis
The valuable companion for cystitis

Your advantages at a glance:

• Contains three herbs for the herbal treatment of cystitis
• The herbs have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and diuretic effects 1
• Pleasant taste
• Easy to use: granules can be poured on with hot and cold water
• 150 ml pack is good for 18 cups, 300 ml pack is good for 36 cups

The naturally effective three-herb combination as a herbal alternative to antibiotics or as an accompanying therapy for cystitis
option for urinary tract infections Harntee 400 TAD ®N for cystitis Ready-to-cup bladder and kidney tea is used to flush out bladder infections and to prevent kidney grits. A herbal herbal tea with three strong herbs: birch leaves, goldenrod and cat's whiskers. These have a diuretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. Quick and easy preparation with hot or cold water. It is important to drink a lot with cystitis: Harntee 400 TAD ® N is your valuable companion for cystitis.

Five cups a day optimally support the body (adults and children from 12 years).

a measuring spoon of Harntee 400 TAD ® N granules for cystitis in a cup and pour hot or cold water (approx. 150 - 200 ml) over it.

Naturally effective 3-herb combination
The Harntee 400 TAD ® N for cystitis contains natural ingredients in the form of a 3-herb combination. The bubble tea contains the herbs birch leaves, goldenrod and cat's whiskers.

(lat. Betula pendula Roth) are dried young birch leaves and have a diuretic effect. You can significantly increase the amount of urine to be excreted, which is noticeable when urinating.

(Solidago virgaurea Linné) is also considered a diuretic and also has an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Orthosiphon stamineus Bentham) are dried leaves and stem tips that have an antispasmodic and diuretic effect and thus support the flushing of the urinary tract.