Hasco Junior AMBROXOL 15mg / 5ml 150ml


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  • AMBROXOL Syrup facilitates expectoration with a delicious peach flavor. The fact that the preparation is sweet and has a pleasant fruity smell, children will eagerly adopt it. The drug Ambroksol Hasco Junior 15mg / 5ml can be used over 1 year of age.

Hasco Junior AMBROXOL Composition:
The active substance - ambroxol hydrochloride. 5 ml of syrup contains: ambroxol hydrochloride - 15 mg. Excipients: liquid non-crystallizing sorbitol (E420), glycerol, benzoic acid (E 210), propylene glycol, flavor, peach AR0059, saccharin sodium (E 954), purified water.

Ambroxol, the active ingredient contained in a medicinal product Ambroxol Hasco Junior increases mucus in the airways, thus relieving cough and facilitate expectoration.

Hasco Junior AMBROXOL Application:
The medicinal product Ambroxol Hasco Junior 15mg / 5ml indicated for use in acute and chronic diseases of the lungs and bronchial tubes, which run with impaired mucus, obstacle and transport. Suitable for use from 1 year of age.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. The syrup comprises sorbitol.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Do not use in case of hereditary fructose intolerance. The syrup is not recommended for pregnant women and for nursing mothers.

Hasco Junior AMBROXOL Dosage:
Use as directed by your doctor or according to the instructions on the leaflet. Children (1-2 years): 5ml syrup twice a day; Children (2-6 years): 5ml syrup three times a day; children (6-12 years): 10ml of syrup 2-3 times a day. These doses are recommended for the initial treatment period, usually after 14 days it is recommended to reduce by half. Adults; children above 12 years of age: 20 ml syrup twice daily. Dose indicated in acute inflammatory airways and in the initial treatment of chronic conditions (the first 14 days of treatment). Syrup can be taken with or without food,