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HASCOSAN cream 40g diaper dermatitis


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  • HASCOSAN formulation in the form of a cream that acts pielęgnacyjnie, disinfecting and soothing the skin. In addition, the acceleration effect on the healing process of the skin.

aqua, paraffin liq., Zinc oxide, paraffin wax, sorbitan sesquioleate, glycerin, lanolin, benzyl benzoate, complexion flava complexion microcristallina, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, parfum, bha

The preparation used in the context of skin care not only in infants and children, but also adults. It characterized by a protective properties, soothing and disinfectant. The direct effects on the development of the root causes of diaper rash. The cream contains zinc oxide, which protects and gently pulls. Lanolin increases skin moisture. Benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate and cinnamate decontamination and relieve pain.

The product is recommended for the treatment and prevention of diaper dermatitis, as well as with pressure sores, sunburn and under the skin with imperfections.

A small amount of cream applied to the affected skin after the previous cleaning and drying, repeating the operation as required.