HEALTH ACNE STOP Day cream-gel 50ml.


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HEALTH ACNE STOP Day cream-gel Purpose:
The active cream-gel Healthy ACNE STOP is developed for problem skin with special needs - oily, prone to comedones and acne. The active ingredients ZnPCA and EVERMAT ™ limit fat secretion, relieve inflammatory processes and tighten pores. With daily use, the skin becomes fresh, matte and with an even complexion. Cream-gel Health ACNE STOP is suitable for intensive protection of skin prone to abundant sebum production, as well as for prevention and protection of healthy dermis.

HEALTH ACNE STOP Day cream-gel Action:
• soothes inflammation and inhibits the development of new
• antiseptic and antibacterial effect
• tones the skin and regulates sebum production

Action of the active ingredients:
EVERMAT ™- Limits fat secretion, tones the skin and shrinks pores
ZnPCA - Physiological sebum regulator. Limits the action of the enzyme 5α-reductase. Mattifies the skin and shrinks pores.

Allergen free / paraben free

Clinically tested

How to use HEALTH ACNE STOP Day cream-gel: Apply the cream-gel twice a day on well-cleansed and dried skin of the face (back, décolleté) after pre-washing with facial gel Health ACNE STOP and / or pre-cleansed skin with face lotion Health ACNE STOP.