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Heartburn & reflux (also during pregnancy), SOBRADE chewable tablets

G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co.KG

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SOBRADE chewable tablets, Heartburn & reflux (also during pregnancy)

Pack size:20 pieces Dosage form:Chewable tablets


Sobrade for heartburn & reflux (also during pregnancy)

Sobrade chewable tablets relieve typical heartburn symptoms - purely physically. When chewed thoroughly, a gel complex forms in the mouth, which, when swallowed, coats the affected mucous membrane of the esophagus with a protective film:

• Quick Relief from burning, pain and acid belching
• The esophagus is protected from rising stomach acid by a protective film
• The protected esophagus can regenerate

Sobrade can be recommended with confidence for heartburn during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The ingredients are harmless to the expectant mother and the unborn child and the product is very well tolerated. The product should not be taken if you have reduced saliva production, hereditary fructose intolerance and allergies or hypersensitivities to any of the ingredients.

• Works quickly when there is a burn
• Protects the affected esophagus
• Very well tolerated and long-lasting
• Harmless ingredients

Application Heartburn & reflux (also during pregnancy), SOBRADE chewable tablets and dosage:

1. One chewable tablet after each main meal, before going to bed or at any time if you have symptoms
2. Chew slowly and thoroughly until the tablet is completely dissolved so that the gel complex can develop in the mouth. The gel complex is then swallowed
3. You can take 4-6 tablets daily. How can you get through heartburn all day long

during pregnancy?
Do you have to be angry? Or do you feel an unpleasant pressure behind your breastbone? These are signs of heartburn. The cause Your body is currently performing a masterpiece. Even the organs make room for your little miracle. This increases the pressure on your stomach. Pregnancy hormones mean that your sphincter no longer reliably protects the esophagus from stomach acid. If it rises, it irritates the sensitive mucous membrane of your esophagus.

Sobrade does not interfere with your organism.
The ingredients are also completely harmless for your baby: your body even produces hyaluronic acid itself, for example. And you may know baking soda from your kitchen shelf.