HEDELIX 100mg/5ml, 100ml Cough Syrup Bronchial Spasms, bronchospasm treatment, nighttime cough 4+

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HEDELIX 100mg/5ml, 100ml Cough Syrup Bronchial Spasms(Prospan, Brontex, Stodal) FAST DELIVERY
Herbal cough syrup that is used in common cold, which affects the respiratory tract.
List of active substances and quantities
100 ml of syrup contains: 2.0 g standardized ivy leaf extract thick ( 1:1).
Excipients . Makrogolglicerolhidroksistearatas , hydroxyethyl cellulose , sorbitol, propylene glycol, glycerol and flavoring agents.
The indications HEDELIX
Hedelix Hustensaft used in airway inflammation, when there is an increased amount of mucus , as well as long-term symptomatic treatment of inflammatory airway disease.
instructions for use
If the doctor is not assigned otherwise be used as described below . Follow the instructions for use , otherwise Hedelix Hustensaft may not function properly.
If no other :
Age group , how many times to use single dose Daily dose
And Adults 10-16 years
children 3-4 times a day for 5 ml 15-20 ml
4-10 years old children 4 times a day 2.5 ml in 10 ml
1-4 years old children 3 times a day 2.5 ml 7.5 ml
0-1 years old children 2 times a day 2.5 ml 5 ml
Hedelix Hustensaft pack of dosing spoon . Full teaspoon equals 5 ml .
Do not take extra doses missed , then continue as indicated .
Note patients with diabetes : they are suitable for use .
5 ml of 1.75 g of sorbitol, corresponding to 0.15 PV ( bread unit ) .
Medication is not the alcohol , making it suitable for patients who can not take his.
HEDELIX Route of Administration:
Hedelix Hustensaft should be used undiluted . Infants and young children may also be diluted with a little tea or fruit juice. Can be used with or without food.
Frequency . If you take this medicine with or breaks prematurely discontinue treatment , your condition may become worse .
HEDELIX duration of treatment:
The duration of treatment depends on the nature of the disease and the severity of the child; Take Hedelix Hustensaft until there is evidence of disease , or as long as your doctor prescribes.
HEDELIX Overdose:
So far poisoning occur Hedelix Hustensaft and they are unlikely. Tell your doctor if you experience any problems. He will choose the most appropriate treatment.
HEDELIX side effects:
So far, no evidence of side effects. If you experience any side effects , tell your doctor or pharmacist.
Information about drug possession
Shelf life. Shelf life on the cardboard packaging and labels . A drug which has expired, do not use. Medicine out of the reach of children.
For the vegetable extracts longer considered Hedelix Hustensaft can cause clouding , lead pellet, in addition, may change the taste , but it does not affect the activity.
Bottle of 100 ml.