Hedrin Once liquid gel kills lice and nits 100ml. What kills nits and lice?

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What kills nits and lice? Hedrin Once liquid gel kills lice and nits. A fast-acting gel to kill head lice and nits, it only takes 15 minutes to work.

  • A thicker gel formula that contains Penetrol® to help lice penetrate the egg
  • Fast action, shortening the treatment time
  • Clinically proven to kill lice and their eggs with just one application

Hedrin Once does not contain any chemically or biologically active chemicals to which lice may become resistant and treatment may not be effective. Its active ingredient is dimethicone, which does not react with the skin and can be used from 6 months of age. As a result, it is gentle on the scalp. Dimethicone acts physically against lice, it completely covers the parasite, penetrating its respiratory system and suffocating it.

Hedrin Once is colorless and odorless. It does not contain any solvents that can cause problems for users suffering from asthma.

What kills nits and lice? A way of use Hedrin Once liquid gel kills lice and nits:

Apply and leave on hair for at least 15 minutes (or more if appropriate) To remove, use shampoo directly on the entire surface of dry hair (without wetting it first), apply shampoo gently and then rinse with water. Repeat the process, then apply conditioner, rinse and dry.


Hedrin Once contains anti-foaming ingredients, so the shampoo will not foam immediately. If necessary, repeat the whole procedure, remembering to apply the shampoo directly on dry hair.

Hedrin Once liquid gel kills lice and nits Important safety advice:

Hedrin liquid gel is slippery. Baths, showers, etc. may become slippery when the gel is washed off the hair. Be careful. Wash the entire amount of gel from the head with a cleaning product (shampoo) and warm water.

HEDRIN Once Liquid Gel

lice alarm? Don't panic thanks to Hedrin ® Once

• Treat head lice quickly and gently
• Clinically proven effectiveness
• As a liquid gel or practical spray
• 15 minutes of use *

Hedrin ® Once the quick solution for acute lice infestation

Anyone suffering from head lice should act quickly to prevent further spread to prevent. Although lice cannot transmit diseases, they can trigger other undesirable side effects. For example, the scalp is heavily stressed and the hair can become matted sooner or later if there is a lot of lice and nit infestation. Hedrin ®Once help: With its unique composition, the preparation physically fights lice and lice eggs. Head lice are insects and nits are empty egg shells. Declare war on both of them! Both the Hedrin ® Once Spray-Gel and the Hedrin ® Once Liquid-Gel do without pesticides.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What should I do if head lice have been found in my child?
If your child - or any other family member - has been diagnosed with lice, acting quickly is most important. Because only those who quickly take action against lice can prevent the plague from spreading further. If you use suitable products, e.g. from the pharmacy, you can get rid of the lice quickly. With Hedrin ® Once, for example, a product is available that physically combats lice and lice eggs. At the same time, it is harmless to humans.

Is it true that head lice can transmit disease?
No. Head lice are uncomfortable but completely harmless. In contrast to other parasites (such as ticks), lice in Germany and Europe usually do not transmit any diseases. However, an infestation can at least favor certain diseases. This can be the case, for example, if vigorous scratching of the itchy stitches causes wounds through which bacteria penetrate the body.

Can lice actually jump from head to head?
No, lice don't jump from one head of hair to the other. Since lice cannot jump, fly or even swim, transmission usually only takes place when the parasites crawl from head to head. In individual cases, however, it is also conceivable that the data can be transmitted using items that are used jointly (e.g. hairbrushes, hats, etc.).

Do I have to inform the school or kindergarten management that my child has lice?
Yes, according to the Infection Protection Act (Section 34, Paragraph 5 IfSG), parents or guardians are obliged to report an infestation with lice to the management of the community facility visited by the child. This then takes steps to prevent the infestation from spreading. When your child is allowed to visit the facility again is handled differently. The best thing to do is to contact the management of the facility directly.

* Hedrin ®Once can already work within one application. However, a follow-up exam must be done a week after application to ensure that no lice or nits have been missed. If live lice are detected, the treatment can be repeated.

1 The reimbursement applies to Hedrin ® Once Liquid Gel for children from six months up to the age of 12 and for adolescents up to the age of 18 with developmental disorders for the physical treatment of scalp hair in the event of lice infestation