HEDRIN Protect & Go Spray

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HEDRIN Protect & Go Spray

Pack size:120 ml Dosage form:spray

Effective protection against lice infestation with Hedrin ® Protect & Go Spray

• Protects against head lice infestation with a unique active formula
• Easy to use like a conditioner without washing out

Can be used without restricting the duration of use With Hedrin ® Protect & Go, head lice infestation can be effectively prevented. Thanks to its unique active formula, Hedrin ® Protect & Go offers very good protection against acute lice infestation. The well-tolerated and clinically tested preparation is used like a conditioner: Hedrin ®Simply spray on Protect & Go Spray after washing your hair, let it dry - done! The hair is effectively protected from a lice infection for 2-3 days or until the next wash!

Recommendation HEDRIN Protect & Go Spray for use:
The treatment of head lice does not have to be stressful - neither for parents nor for children. It is even very easy to get rid of lice and nits quickly with Hedrin ® : Simply cover your shoulders, spray on the lice remedy and let Hedrin ® achieve its effect for the intended exposure time of 15 minutes. A week later you should check the scalp again for lice and possibly repeat the treatment with Hedrin ® .

Frequently asked questions HEDRIN Protect & Go Spray and answers

What should I do if head lice have been found in my child?
If your child - or any other family member - has been diagnosed with lice, acting quickly is most important. Because only those who quickly take action against lice can prevent the plague from spreading further. If you use suitable products, e.g. from the pharmacy, you can get rid of the lice quickly. With Hedrin ® Once, for example, a product is available that physically combats lice and lice eggs. At the same time, it is harmless to humans.

Is it true that head lice can transmit disease?
No. Head lice are uncomfortable but completely harmless. In contrast to other parasites (such as ticks), lice in Germany and Europe usually do not transmit any diseases. However, an infestation can at least favor certain diseases. This can be the case, for example, if vigorous scratching of the itchy stitches causes wounds through which bacteria penetrate the body.

Can lice actually jump from head to head?
No, lice don't jump from one head of hair to the other. Since lice cannot jump, fly or even swim, transmission usually only takes place when the parasites crawl from head to head. In individual cases, however, it is also conceivable that the data can be transmitted using items that are used jointly (e.g. hairbrushes, hats, etc.).

Do I have to inform the school or kindergarten management that my child has lice?
Yes, according to the Infection Protection Act (Section 34, Paragraph 5 IfSG), parents or guardians are obliged to report an infestation with lice to the management of the community facility visited by the child. This then takes steps to prevent the infestation from spreading. When your child is allowed to visit the facility again is handled differently. The best thing to do is to contact the management of the facility directly.