HEEL Angin SD x 50 tablets - tonsillitis and throat, pivots on almonds.


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  • Indications for use HEEL SD Angin are: tonsillitis and throat, pivots on almonds.

1 tablet contains hydrargyrum bicyanatum D8, Phytolacca americana D4, Apis mellifica D4, D4 Arnica montana ana 30 mg; Hepar sulfuris D6, Atropa belladonna D4 ana 60 mg; lactose. Indications:Tonsillitis and throat, pivots on almonds Contraindications:None known. Undesirable effects: In the event of salivation drug should be discontinued. Interactions with other drugs:Not reported. Dosage: In acute ailments 1 tablet every 30-60 minutes (until 12 times a day). Usually, a 1 tablet, 3 times per day sublingually.