HEEL CALENDEEL Gel 30g regenerates irritated, dry skin, after cosmetic treatments and hair removal.


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  • Calendeel Gel Heel brand, is a product of rich formula that contains a set of plant extracts and vitamin E to soothe and regenerates irritated, dry skin. The gel can also be used after cosmetic treatments and hair removal.

HEEL CALENDEEL Gel Composition:
Active ingredients: calendula, echinacea, aloe, Apis mellificata, Vitamin E, Urtica urens, wild rosemary.

Calendeel Gel Heel brand, contains valuable plant extracts (marigold, echinacea, nettle, rosemary) and vitamin E, which together give relief to irritated, dry skin. Preparation particularly useful in the event of redness, itching and irritation of the external factors. Form gel leaves the skin feeling pleasant freshness. The gel also recommended for very sensitive skin.

Calendeel gel protects the skin that has been irritated as a result of environmental factors such as sun, cold, pollution, dry air, wind, beauty treatments such. Depilation, other external factors.

The gel can be used as appropriate, once or several times a day. It should be applied externally to the skin gently massaging the sore spot, until completely absorbed gel.