HEKLA lava e lava, abscess on gum treatment at home, tooth decay

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HEKLA lava e lava D 6 tablets 80 pc, abscess on gum treatment at home, tooth decay

The DHU uses the lava from the Hekla volcano in Iceland. abscess on gum treatment at home, tooth decay

The lava used contains at least 50 percent silicon dioxide (SiO2) and at least 20 percent iron trioxide (Fe2O3). Hekla is one of the most active volcanoes on the island of Iceland. Since the first documented eruption in 1104, up to 30 eruptions have been described. About 8 cubic kilometers of lava (equivalent to a third of the volume of Mount Everest) and 5 cubic kilometers of ash were pumped out. The volcano is fed by a magma chamber 8 km deep. The lavas of the different eruptions differ in their chemical composition, especially with regard to the silicate content.

Hekla lava is used exclusively as a homeopathic medicine. Medical use outside of homeopathy is not known. Hekla lava was introduced into medicine by the London physician Dr. JJ Garth Wilkinson. In 1869 he wrote to his colleague Holcomb in New Orleans about pathological bone changes such as exostoses in grazing animals that occurred after a Hekla outbreak. Wilkinson took the symptoms from a Danish report on the Hekla outbreak and its consequences for nature.

Homeopathic medicine.

Hekla lava e lava benefits:

Hekla Lava acts upon the jaw and is an important remedy for dental sensitivity, gum abscess, and tooth decay. Hekla Lava is also used to relieve abscess with facial swelling. Hekla Lava lessens swollen glands.

active abscess on gum treatment at home, tooth decay ingredients

  • 250 mg Hekla lava e lava in homeopathic dilution

abscess on gum treatment at home, tooth decay excipients

  • lactose
  • magnesium stearate
  • wheat starch

Homeopathic medicinal product, therefore without a therapeutic indication.