Helico Complex x 28 capsules

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The Helico Complex dietary supplement is a preparation in the form of capsules containing the unique HelicoDiet herbal mixture, which includes supports digestion. It consists of thyme herb extract, oregano herb extract and chamomile flower extract.

Helico Complex ingredients:

HelicoDiet herbal blend [thyme herb extract (Thymus vulgaris), chamomile flower extract (Matricaria recutita), oregano herb extract (Origanum vulgare)], American cranberry fruit extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon), capsule (gelatin), bulking agent - microcrystalline cellulose (cellulose gel), L-leucine, anti-caking agent - silicon dioxide.

Helico Complex action:

The preparation is recommended for people who want to take care of digestion - the Helico Complex dietary supplement contains the unique herbal composition HelicoDiet. The thyme extract contained in it supports digestion, and the oregano extract has a choleretic effect and also supports excretion. Chamomile extract is helpful in case of gastrointestinal problems (e.g. excessive stretching of the epigastrium, minor cramps, belching, flatulence).

Dietary supplement Helico Complex intended for use as a supplement to the daily diet with plant extracts of thyme, chamomile and oregano.

Additional information:
A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute, i.e. a replacement for a varied diet. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is very important. Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the dietary supplement. Do not use in children, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to use Helico Complex capsules:

Recommended daily dose: two capsules. Take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast, the second one - 12 hours later, at least 30 minutes before a meal. Take the capsules with 1/2 glass of water. The preparation can be used together with food for special medical purposes HelicoFood. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.