Hemorrhoid ointment, Witch hazel bark


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Klosterfrau hemorrhoid ointment, Witch hazel bark

Pack size:30 Dosage form:ointment


Hemorrhoid ointment, Witch hazel bark 3-fold active formula through the protective film:

- relieves itching

- promotes skin healing

- reduces symptoms of inflammation

Used to treat anal disorders such as external hemorrhoids and anal eczema.

Active Klosterfrau hemorrhoid ointment, Witch hazel bark ingredients

  • Witch hazel bark water
  • zinc oxide

Areas of application
Klosterfrau Hemorrhoids Ointment, Witch hazel bark is used to treat anal problems such as external hemorrhoids, anal eczema, anal fissures and itching in the anus. Klosterfrau Hemorrhoids Ointment also alleviates unpleasant symptoms such as burning, itching and irritation, which often occur as side effects of hemorrhoids.

Ingredients / Klosterfrau hemorrhoid ointment, Witch hazel bark recipe
witch hazel bark water

Side effects
Allergic reactions (e.g. rashes) can occur in rare cases.


Consumption recommendation / Hemorrhoid ointment, Witch hazel bark application

In the case of hemorrhoids in the area of ​​the anus, thorough cleaning is particularly important in order to reduce the risk of further infections.

After carefully cleaning the anal area with lukewarm water, carefully apply a 1 - 2 cm long strand of ointment 2 - 3 times a day to the diseased areas in the area of ​​the anus. You can apply the monastery woman hemorrhoid ointment with your finger or with the enclosed applicator. To apply the ointment hygienically, we recommend using the enclosed applicator. To do this, screw the applicator onto the tube. Then bring it to the anus. Carefully press the tube until the desired amount of the nun's hemorrhoid ointment has been applied.

Special features / modes of action
Every second adult suffers from hemorrhoids. Common causes are chronic constipation (constipation), which can also be caused by a diet low in fiber and insufficient fluid intake. Sitting or standing activities with too little movement also promote constipation and consequently hemorrhoids. The resulting symptoms are usually very uncomfortable.

In addition to the ingredients witch hazel bark water and zinc oxide, the medical product Klosterfrau Hemorrhoids Ointment also contains auxiliary substances such as Vaseline as an ointment base and purified water, as well as benzoates as preservatives.

If it itches, burns and hurts, Klosterfrau Hemorrhoids Ointment is quick and noticeable help.

Hemorrhoid ointment, Witch hazel bark