HEPACOL TOTAL, hepatic detoxication


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HEPACOL TOTAL x 30 tablets, hepatic detoxication

  • HEPACOL TOTAL hepatic detoxication ormulation in tablet form, the oral application of the acceleration effect on the hepatic detoxication processes and regenerating effect on hepatocytes.


HEPACOL TOTAL hepatic detoxication Composition:

(1 tablet) of 100 mg of ornithine aspartate, artichoke extract 100 mg, Milk Thistle Extract 40 mg, 6 mg vitamin E, choline 41.25 mg, thiamin 0.55 mg, riboflavin 0.7 mg of vitamin B3 8 mg, 3 mg pantothenic acid, folic acid 100 mcg vitamin B12 1.25 mcg vitamin B6 0.7 mg.


HEPACOL TOTAL hepatic detoxication Action:

Preparation by substances called L-aspartate, L-ornithine beneficial effect on the liver function. To speed up the processes carried out by the liver detoxification and disposal of waste products, and the effect on the regeneration of liver cells - hepatocytes. Extract of milk thistle exhibits properties Bile. It supports the regeneration of hepatocytes and protects them from the harmful effects of environmental factors. It works on normalizing digestion. Participates in the regulation of blood sugar. Helps maintain the role of detoxification of the liver. Choline is involved in the metabolism of fats and homocysteine. Artichoke extract promotes metabolism of lipids and helps to lower blood cholesterol.

The preparation is recommended for liver disorders, especially in people using inadequate diet, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs.


Dosage HEPACOL TOTAL x 30 tablets, hepatic detoxication:

The recommended to use the oral formulation at a dose of 1 tablet. x 2 / 24h.