HEPACYN fresh plant artichoke film-coated tablets 60 pcs

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Hepacyn ® Fresh Plant Artichoke

Artichoke fresh plant extract for the treatment of digestive complaints such as bloating, flatulence, slight cramp-like gastrointestinal disorders and disorders of fat digestion.

With Hepacyn Fresh Plant Artichoke, a particularly effective natural product has been developed in which only fresh artichoke leaves are used without prior drying.

Immediately after the harvest, the artichoke leaves are processed into the special fresh plant extract cs16 in a particularly gentle production and drying process. Thanks to this innovative process, this extract contains more active ingredients (enzymes, bitter substances, etc.) that can be absorbed by the body particularly quickly.

HEPACYN fresh plant artichoke Active ingredients:
Artichoke fresh plant special extract cs16.

HEPACYN fresh plant artichoke Composition:
1 film-coated tablet contains: 320 mg dry extract from fresh artichoke leaves (15-30: 1), extraction agent: water.

HEPACYN fresh plant artichoke Dosage:
1-2 tablets twice a day with meals.

Gluten-free, lactose-free, free from preservatives, sugar-free, free from animal fats.

For HEPACYN fresh plant artichoke information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.