HEPAGALLIN N coated tablets 100 pc

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Hepagallin N coated tablets
Composition: 1 coated tablet contains:
HEPAGALLIN N Active ingredient:
dry extract from artichoke leaves
(4 - 6: 1) 220 mg
extractant: water
HEPAGALLIN N Other ingredients:
lactose monohydrate, highly dispersed silicon dioxide,
povidone (viscosity: 25) sodium starch glycolate (type
A) ( Ph. Eur.), Cellulose powder, stearic acid (Ph. Eur.),
Magnesium stearate (Ph. Eur.), Talc, poly
[butyl methacrylate-co- (2-dimethylaminoethyl)
methacrylate-co-methyl methacrylate] (1: 2: 1) , Sucrose
(sucrose), calcium carbonate, spray-dried
gum arabic, tragacanth, titanium dioxide (E 171),
spray-dried glucose syrup, montan glycol wax.
1 coated tablet contains 0.03 bread units.
HEPAGALLIN N the areas of application include:
For digestive disorders (dyspeptic complaints), especially for functional disorders of the
drainage biliary system.
Note: contains lactose