HEPAR COMP.Heel ampoules 10 pc liver detox

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HEPAR COMP.Heel ampoules liver detox Indications:

Stimulation of the detoxicating function of the liver in acute and chronic diseases of the liver/gall, e.g. cholangitis and cholecystitis; in functional disorders of the liver of toxic origin as cause or result of other diseases, in hypercholesteremia, erythematodes, toxic exanthema, dermatosis and dermatitis, neurodermitis and for the stimulation of the liver cell functioning, liver detox.

HEPAR COMP.Heel ampoules liver detox Dosage:

In general, 1 ampoule, 1-3 times weekly.

HEPAR COMP.Heel ampoules liver detox Composition:

liver of the D8, Cyanocobalaminum D4 duodenum, the D10, Salvia the D10, and tenants D10, bladder, gall bladder own D10, Pankreas the D10, China, D4, Nux vomica D4 cordata, D4, thistle Mariano D3 Mell D10 sulfur D13 , Avena sativa, D6, bile of bulls D8, sodium diethyloxalaceticum D10, acid alpha-Ketoglutaricum D10, acid 550-malic D10, acid fumaricum D10, acid alpha-liponicum D8, acid oroticum R6, Cholesterinum D10, Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni D28, Taraxacum officinale A4 , Cynara scolymus D6, D4 ranunculales 22 μl each.