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Heparin AL ointment 30,000

Active ingredient: Heparin sodium.

For supportive treatment in acute swelling conditions after blunt injuries (bruises, bruises). Contains cetostearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sorbic acid and potassium sorbate.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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Heparin AL Ointment 30,000 Supports acute swelling conditions after injuries • Supports the treatment of sports and accidental injuries • Supports the breakdown of blood clots • Has a decongestant effect Supports the treatment of acute ones

Swelling after typical blunt
sports injuries and accidental injuries

Events such as a fall or a shock injury are commonplace for households with children or the elderly. Often swellings with bruises such as sprains and strains occur in the context of sports injuries. Blood clots and metabolic products that accumulate in the tissue are responsible for acute swelling. HEPARIN AL supports the breakdown of these metabolic products and blood clots and thus helps to reduce painful swellings and bruises. The listed injuries are usually a thing of the past after two to three weeks at the latest.

Decongestant and
stimulates blood circulation

The active ingredient heparin sodium prevents the blood from clotting in the body and thus supports the breakdown of blood clots. This has a decongestant effect on swelling and bruises and helps to alleviate them.

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000 should be applied thinly and evenly to the affected area 2 to 3 times a day. (Do not use on open injuries to the skin.) Then wash your hands thoroughly. HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000 must not be used for more than 10 days. The total dose should not be exceeded without consulting a doctor or pharmacist. In general, it is important to ensure that the dosage is conscientious, especially for infants, small children and the elderly. Once opened, HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000 has a shelf life of 6 months. If a cooling effect is required in addition to the product properties, HEPARIN AL GEL 30,000 is a good alternative. Sports injuries Athletes, joggers and hikers in particular can quickly injure themselves with a wrong step. If, for example, you do not warm up and stretch, you can quickly get a strain. Sports with direct contact with opponents (such as soccer) regularly lead to bruises or bruises as a result of collisions. Sports with rapid changes of direction, braking and accelerating (such as tennis) strain muscles, ligaments and tendons. In these cases, for example, HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000 supports the healing process.

Most accidents happen in the home

Everyday accidents at home or on the playground can also quickly lead to a bruise or painful swelling. If, for example, a superficial blood vessel ruptures in a fall from a bicycle or in a collision while playing, the typical bruise develops.

Always pause immediately

The risk of getting injured while exercising is higher depending on the type of sport. Swellings with bruises, such as sprains and strains, are not uncommon. As an immediate measure, it is strongly recommended to take a break, to cool the swelling with ice and, if necessary, to apply a compression bandage. In the case of severe swelling, elevating the affected part of the body also has a decongestant effect (PECH rule). In addition, for example, HEPARIN AL can support the treatment of acute swellings.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How long can I use HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000?
The duration of treatment with HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000 should generally be limited to 10 days. If the symptoms persist or increase after 10 days of treatment, a doctor should be consulted. Once opened, HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000 has a shelf life of 6 months.

How can I prevent sports injuries?
Injuries in sport can often be prevented by general warming up and muscle training adapted to the sport (such as coordination and balance exercises). Many accidents also occur as a result of exhaustion. Therefore, a good self-assessment helps to avoid injuries. The right sportswear also plays an important role: knee and shin guards can protect against bruises. Good hiking boots are ankle-high, stabilize the ankle and can thus avoid twisting ankles. Taping finger joints and ankles also works as a precaution.

How can I treat sports injuries?
First aid measures for sports injuries are based on the PECH rule:
- Break (interrupt sports training)
- Ice (put on ice cubes wrapped in a cloth or a cold washcloth to cool)
- Compression (apply an elastic pressure bandage if the extremities are bruised)
- Elevate the injured extremity.
If acute swelling and bruises occur after following the PECH rule, a heparin gel or ointment such as Heparin AL Ointment 30,000 can support the healing process.

When do I need to see a doctor?
In the event of injuries such as fractures or joint injuries, large bruises that spread quickly, severe impact injuries to the head or bruises to the genitals, a doctor should definitely be consulted. If the pain or swelling is very pronounced or if bodily functions such as the mobility of joints are restricted, an examination by a specialist is also recommended. This also applies to swellings that do not subside after a few days despite treatment with, for example, HEPARIN AL Ointment 30,000 and taking a break from exercise.