Heparinum cream 300 IU / 20g, deep vein thrombosis


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  • Heparinum cream, deep vein thrombosis. The active substance in Heparinum is heparin, a component with anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic activity. The cream is most often used in thrombophlebitis of veins,deep vein thrombosis, inflammation of varicose veins and contusions.

Heparinum cream, deep vein thrombosis Composition:
1g of cream contains: active substance: sodium heparin - 300j.m and auxiliary substances: glycerol monostearate, polysorbate 60, sorbitan stearate, cetostearyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, anhydrous citric acid, purified water.

Action Heparinum cream, deep vein thrombosis:
Heparinum exhibits local anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory effects. Supports the absorption of edema and intradermal hematomas. Contributes to a large extent to reducing local inflammation. It helps to relieve pain and accelerates the process of regression of inflammatory edema.

Heparinum cream, deep vein thrombosis Application:
Heparinum cream 300 IU / g indicated for the use of adjuvant treatment of vein diseases such as phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis of haemorrhoids, as well as for the relief of edema, contusions and subcutaneous hematomas .

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or other excipients. Do not use on open wounds, mucous membranes, eye area, skin lesions of unknown origin and on superinfected sites. Do not use below 12 years of age.

Side effects:
Hypersensitivity reactions may occur with long-term external use of heparin, eg rash, pruritus, redness, dryness, burning. Patients with primary polycythemia can appear: maculopapular papular lesions, hemorrhagic infections, cutaneous eczema with leukocytic inflammation of blood vessels found in histopathological examination.

For external use only. Apply a uniform, thin layer of cream on the affected areas. Apply 1-3 times a day. The duration of treatment of surface veins is about 1-2 weeks, in the case of acute swelling after blunt injuries, the recommended period of application is about 10 days.

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