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Hematoma treatment HEPARIZEN gel 50g hematoma leg, haematoma treatment


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  • Hematoma treatment HEPARIZEN gel due to the presence of heparin accelerates sodium absorption of haematomas and formations, as well as stop surface inflammation due to enzyme inactivation.

Hematoma treatment HEPARIZEN Composition:
heparin sodium

Action Hematoma treatment HEPARIZEN:
The product contains heparin, which is used locally affects the acceleration of hematoma absorption and infiltration. In addition, the surface takes inflammation due to inactivate the enzymes.Neutralizes the pain and the feeling of tension and improves the metabolism of subcutaneous tissue.

Hematoma treatment HEPARIZEN Contraindications:
- allergic to the ingredients
- open, bleeding wounds
- the use of the mucous membrane

Indications Hematoma treatment HEPARIZEN:
It is recommended to use alternative, the superficial thrombophlebitis, inflammation of the veins of legs, varicose veins of the legs, as well as the states resulting from trauma. It is also used in the prevention of scar formation and keloids.

Apply a small amount of gel on the pathologically altered, repeating function x 1-3 / 24.