HERBAL COMPLEX cleansing, Allium ursinum, Urtica dioica, Achillea millefolium


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Allium ursinum, Urtica dioica, Achillea millefolium, HERBAL COMPLEX cleansing liquid 50 ml

Life Light® Cleansing Herbal Complex
Holistic herbal distillate with a
synergistic complex of herbal essences.
A quality product from the Life Light® brand.
Content: e 50 ml
Ingredients: distilled water, alcohol. herbal distillate
with Allium ursinum, Urtica dioica, Achillea
millefolium, Inula helenium and Rosa canina.
Alcohol at least 21% vol.

Consumption HERBAL COMPLEX cleansing, Allium ursinum, Urtica dioica, Achillea millefolium recommendation

10 drops 3 times a day before meals
drip onto the tongue.

HERBAL COMPLEX cleansing, Allium ursinum, Urtica dioica, Achillea millefolium Storage information: Store closed, cool, dry and protected from light out of the reach of small children.


Allium ursinum benefits:

What are the health benefits of wild garlic? Used traditionally throughout Europe as a spring tonic due to its blood-purifying properties, similarly to bulb garlic, wild garlic is also thought to lower cholesterol and blood-pressure, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

Urtica dioica benefits:

Urtica dioica has traditionally been used in the control of cardiovascular disorders especially hypertension. The leaf extract of Urtica dioica has been reported to improve glucose homeostasis in vivo. Nettle root could prevent some of the effects of prostatic hyperplasia.

Stinging nettle has been used for hundreds of years to treat painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. Today, many people use it to treat urinary problems during the early stages of an enlarged prostate (called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH).

Achillea millefolium benefits:

  • May enhance wound healing. ...
  • May alleviate digestive issues. ...
  • May help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. ...
  • May aid brain health.

Inula helenium benefits:

People have long used elecampane root and other species of the Inula genus of herbs in folk medicine to thin mucus, suppress coughing, promote sweating, alleviate vomiting, and kill bacteria.

Rosa canina benefits:

There are several hundred species of rose plants, though research on rose hips has focused on the pseudo-fruits of the Rosa canina plant . Rose hips have been linked to numerous benefits, including improved immunity, heart health, weight loss, and skin aging.