HERBITUSSIN cough and throat x 12 lozenges

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HERBITUSSIN cough and throat 

  • Herbitussin Cough and Throat is a preparation for throat problems, which may be accompanied by cough.

Composition :
1 tablet contains: sugar; glucose syrup; honey and 45 mg; an extract of 20 herbs (licorice root, plantain leaf, blackberry leaf, peppermint leaf, chamomile flowers, leaves of eucalyptus, fennel fruit, the fruit of elderberry, Icelandic lichen, flower cornflower, lime blossom, herb lungwort, flower mallow, marigold flowers, leaf sage, yarrow flower, primrose flower, anise fruit, herb thyme, mullein flower) 10 mg;coloring (sulphite ammonia caramel); acidity regulator (ascorbic acid); aroma; essential oil (menthol, anethole, eucalyptus oil).

Herbitussin helps to soothe irritation of mucous membranes of the throat and mouth. Keep in mind that they can also be the result of staying in air-conditioned, poorly ventilated or dusty environments, changes in temperature, smoking and actions of other irritants, and even abuse of the voice. You can use up to 3 tablets a day.