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Hexoderm Dermatological shampoo for dogs and cats


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Hexoderm Dermatological shampoo for dogs and cats 200 ml


Hexoderm Dermatological shampoo for dogs and cats:

Hexoderm - dermatological shampoo for animals, moisturizing the skin and soothing inflammation. Skin lesions in animals may have various causes, from an improperly balanced diet to a genetic tendency to allergies. A common symptom is excessive dryness of the epidermis. 

This can lead to dandruff and minor damage to cracked skin.
Maintaining an appropriate level of hygiene for the skin and fur of our animals is extremely important. First of all, it is important to brush the fur regularly, thus preventing the formation of mats, which are one of the main causes of poor skin ventilation, which leads to the development of all kinds of skin diseases. 

One of the first signs that may indicate the development of the disease may be increased scratching. Redness, coating or pimples are clear signs of the development of dermatological problems. In such a case, you should go to a veterinarian who will take a swab to determine what bacteria or fungus is causing these unpleasant symptoms. Apart from the use of medications, one of the most common methods of treating this type of diseases are baths using appropriate dermocosmetics.

Indications Hexoderm Dermatological shampoo for dogs and cats 

Skin care with proper treatment of inflammation.

Hexoderm Dermatological shampoo for dogs and cats Action

Hexoderm is a veterinary dermocosmetic containing, among others, coconut oil and chlorhexidine, which has disinfecting, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The shampoo has an excellent effect on regulating the microflora of the skin of dogs and cats, balancing and stabilizing its proper pH, and at the same time moisturizing and preventing the skin from drying out, leaving a thin fatty and protein layer on it. The mild cleaning agents contained in the liquid enable frequent use, which in such cases may be necessary and requires repetition even every day. Hexoderm is a shampoo recommended as an aid in the treatment of skin inflammation in dogs and cats.

Use Hexoderm Dermatological shampoo for dogs and cats 

Shake before use. Pour shampoo over the wet fur and skin, spreading it evenly over the entire body, wash and rinse. Repeat the operation, leaving the shampoo on the coat and skin for 5-10 minutes. Use daily or as needed.