Hexoftyal Eye Drops, eye itching


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Hexoftyal Eye Drops 15 ml, eye itching

  • Hexoftyal. Eye itching. Hexoftyal eye drops is a medical device that includes HPMC and PHMB - components corresponding to an effective moisturizing and soothing irritation and burning of the eye.


Hexoftyal Eye Drops, eye itching Composition:

Alcohol polyvinylalcohol (PVA), 0.7% HPMC 0.37% 20 ppm PHMB

Hexoftyal Action:
Hexoftyal eye drops is a medical device characterized by a unique composition. It contains substances (HPMC, PHMB) have proven mucoadhesive properties, which help maintain proper condition of the tear film. This allows even better and more effective protection of the surface of the eye. The active ingredients soothing and moisturizing. Clearly reduce irritation and itchy eyes caused by the action of various external factors (eg. Wind, smoke, air or sun).Hexoftyal eye drops is a product that does not contain substances of animal origin.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

It is recommended to use the product in case of symptoms of eye irritation. Recommended for baking or dryness of the eye associated with external factors (eg. Radiation from prolonged sitting at the computer, smoke or air conditioning).


How to use Hexoftyal Eye Drops, eye itching:

Apply topically. It is recommended applying 1-2 drops of the product into each conjunctival sac. After applying the drops, wait about fifteen minutes before the foundation of contact lenses (do not use them directly on the lens).

 Hexoftyal Eye Drops, eye itching