HEXORAL throat spray 40ml., HEXORAL spray

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HEXORAL throat spray 40ml., HEXORAL spray

HEXORAL throat spray Composition:

100 ml of Hexoral contains 200 mg of hexeditine, and nitrogen as an aerosol.

Excipients: sodium saccharin, citric acid monohydrate, sodium hydroxide, glycerol, macrogol lauryl ether, flavoring substance with mint aroma (ZZS071), nitrogen, purified water.

HEXORAL throat spray Act:

Hexoral Spray is effective against most pathogens in the mouth and throat. Hexoral Spray is also effective against fungi. Hexoral Spray has a weak analgesic effect and improves the healing process. Hexoral Spray is extremely well tolerated. Hexoral Spray sticks to the mucous membranes for more than 12 hours and thus has a long-lasting effect. Use Hexoral Spray after a meal to increase the duration of its adhesion to the mucous membranes and to avoid its "washing away" from food and liquids.

HEXORAL spray Indications:

• as a supportive topical treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the mouth and throat


• severe purulent diseases of the mouth and throat with fever and requiring treatment with antibiotics or sulphonamides


• to prevent superinfection


• before and after surgery in the mouth and throat;


• for oral hygiene in case of common diseases


• • against bad breath, especially in decaying tumors in the mouth and throat


• as an adjunct in the treatment of colds.


HEXORAL spray Dosage, method and duration of use:

Adults and children 6 years and older

With Hexoral Spray the affected areas are treated specifically, quickly and conveniently. Inject the product into the mouth and throat. Injection for 1-2 seconds fully corresponds to the active single dose. Hexoral Spray adheres to the mucous membranes and thus provides a lasting effect. Therefore, it should be used after a meal. Unless otherwise prescribed, use twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening after meals. In some cases, more frequent use of Hexoral Spray may be prescribed. Do not use for more than 10 days. A longer course of treatment is prescribed by a doctor.

Children from 3 to 6 years

As recommended by their doctor.

Children under 3 years

The use of this drug is not recommended in this age group.


HEXORAL spray Special warnings before use:

Do not use Hexoral if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. No adverse effects of Hexoral on the ability to drive and use machines have been known so far. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. If swallowed in large quantities, it quickly causes vomiting. . Hexoral sticks to the mucosa and is practically not absorbed. In some patients it can cause laryngospasm (tightness in the throat), which is associated with its spraying under higher pressure and the content of the flavoring substance with the aroma of mint (ZZS071).

HEXORAL spray Side effects:

In some cases, it is possible to observe hypersensitivity reactions (allergic reactions). With prolonged use, a slight, transient change in taste may occur. Other informationThe illustrations on the brochure demonstrate how to use HexoralSpray properly.The vial is pressurized. After use, do not force open the bottle and do not burn it. What you need to know about Hexoral® Spray (4 illustrations))

a way of use HEXORAL spray:

The drug is injected into the mouth and throat. In this way, the affected areas are treated specifically, quickly and conveniently.

Please follow the instructions below:

Place the injection tube on the corresponding tip of the vial, pressing lightly. Do not point the injector nozzle at the body. Place the injection tube in the mouth and point it at the areas to be treated in the mouth and throat, as shown in the diagram in the package leaflet. Always keep the vial upright while injecting. Aim the injection tube at the affected area and inject for 1-2 seconds.

Do not inhale during injection.