HIALOPT eye drops of 0.2% 10ml

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  • HIALOPT is eye drops that work based on hyaluronic acid is responsible for moisturizing and protecting against the eyeball.Protects against external factors.

Hialuran .chlorek 0.2% sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen phosphate. sodium dihydrogen phosphate, purified water

Eye drops containing hyaluronic acid (based on a natural component of our tears), which has a moisturizing eyeball, alleviating the symptoms of dryness and fatigue caused by the impact of environmental factors (ie. Water, sun, wind, lenses, the effect of a computer monitor). It corrects the symptoms of dry eye, eliminating a long drying time associated with discomfort.

The product is recommended to moisten the eyes and relaxing feeling of dryness and eye fatigue, caused by the interaction of environmental factors (wind, dust, air-conditioning, high temperature, etc.). In addition, it indicated for contact lens wearers, the conjunctivitis and eye surgery.

Wkropić directly to the eye drop of 1 x 2-3 / 24.