HIALUROM Hondro gonarthrosis, Pain relief pre-filled syringes

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Hialurom Hondro gonarthrosis, Pain relief syringe

Pack size:1 pc Dosage form:Pre-filled syringes

single injection gonarthrosis
combination product with cross-linked sodium hyaluronate and chondroitin

Hialurom Hondro is a sterile viscoelastic solution for intraarticular injection, the two cross-linked biological polymers, sodium hyaluronate and chondroitin sodium sulfate involves.

• 60 mg hyaluronic acid per syringe (20 mg / ml)
• 90 mg chondroitin sodium sulfate (30 mg / ml)
• 3 ml pre-filled syringe

HIALUROM Hondro gonarthrosis, Pain relief Indication:
• as a viscoelastic supplement or as a replacement for the synovial fluid in the knee joint
• for the symptomatic treatment of mild to severe knee osteoarthritis

HIALUROM Hondro effects :
• Pain relief
• Improvement of joint mobility
• Protection of the cartilage

HIALUROM Hondro gonarthrosis, Pain relief Application:
A single injection of Hialurom Hondro restores the protection of the joint through good lubrication and shock absorption and leads to a significant improvement in symptoms.

HIALUROM Hondro gonarthrosis, Pain relief Properties:
• Only one injection
• Highly concentrated: 60mg hyaluronic acid per syringe
• With chondroitin for cartilage tissue
• Chondroitin increases hyaluronic acid production, thus maintains the viscosity of the synovial fluid and stimulates the chondrocyte metabolism. This leads to the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycan, the basic components for new cartilage tissue