Hialuronic Nebu 0.1%, solution for inhalation 5ml x 30 ampoules


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  • The Nebu Hialuronic 0.1% inhalation solution helps moisturise both upper and lower respiratory tracts. The sodium hyaluronate contained in the solution also protects the mucosa against drying. The package contains 30 ampoules with a capacity of 5ml.

Sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, water for injection.

Many factors have a negative effect on the condition of the nasal mucosa, eg pollution, dry air, low or high temperature. The use of isotonic sodium hyaluronate Nebu Hialuronic 0.1% protects the mucosa against the harmful effects of these factors and against drying out. Sodium hyaluronate helps maintain an adequate level of hydration of the upper and upper respiratory tract, also supports mucosal regeneration. The preparation also helps to remove residual secretion. The solution can be used for inhalation, instillation and washing of the nasal cavities.

Medical device Nebu Hialuronic 0.1%, solution for inhalation intended for use in inhalation, instillation and washing of the nasal cavities. The solution can be used in adults, children and infants.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is not recommended to use it for more than 30 days, after this time it is recommended to take a break lasting at least a few days.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation. Do not use for injection.

Directions for use:
Disposable ampoule. For inhalation: inhalation is recommended to be carried out 2-4 times a day, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. Dispense one ampoule at a time. Can be used with all types of inhalers. For instillation and washing: it is recommended to apply 1-4 times a day, drop in a few drops into each nostril. The edges of the nasal holes are recommended to be cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in solution.