Himalaya Herbal paste for complete care 75ml


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Herbal toothpaste for complete care

Healthy gums contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. The Himalaya Herbals gum series contains miswak (oriental wood used for brushing teeth), which has natural astringent properties and keeps gums healthy and protected.

No parabens. 100% vegetarian.

The herbal formula for complete care contributes to healthy gums, strong teeth and fresh breath. Provides 12-hour protection against germs, removes stains and plaque.

Himalaya Herbal paste for complete care Main ingredients:

Misvak - relieves inflammation of the gums and reduces bleeding.

Neem - Has natural antibacterial properties. Protects against harmful microbes.

Pomegranate - The extract has natural astringent properties, strengthens the gums.

Menthol - Refreshes the breath.


  • 12-hour protection against harmful microbes.
  • Removes the poster.
  • Helps reduce toothache.
  • Heals gums.
  • Keeps teeth clean and healthy.
  • Refreshed taste.
  • Prolonged fresh breath.

A way of use:

Two or three times a day. For children up to and including 6 years of age: Use as much as a pea and brush your teeth under adult supervision to keep the product to a minimum. If you are taking fluoride from other sources, consult your dentist or doctor.