Himalayan Mint Fresh gel 75ml.


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Himalayan Mint Fresh gel 75ml.

The Himalaya Herbals gum series contains miswak that keeps gums protected and healthy, and has natural firming properties.

Does not contain parabens.

100% vegetarian ingredients.

Himalayan Mint Fresh gel Main ingredients:

Mint, which refreshes the breath;

Indian dill, which reduces bad breath;

Cloves and dill, which strengthen and tighten the gums;

Misvak, which relieves inflammation and reduces bleeding gums.


  • Provides long-lasting fresh breath;
  • Removes the poster;
  • Helps reduce toothache;
  • Removes bacteria that cause bad breath;
  • Reduces inflammation and bleeding gums;
  • Provides 12-hour protection against microbes.

A way of use:

Use toothpaste 2-3 times a day.

For children up to 6 years of age, incl .: Use an amount as large as a pea and brush your teeth under adult supervision to minimize ingestion of the product.