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  • Himalayan salt is well known that salt harms health - it is responsible for many illnesses and ailments. If you are not able to completely give up the white salt, try replacing it with Dr Gaja's healthier pink Himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt 100%.

Action: The
noblest variation of salt is its pink color owing to its iron content. Depending on the amount of this element may have different shades. Salt is mined in Pakistan's Himalayan region. Millions of years ago these areas flooded the ocean, as a result of natural drying, the original clean, unpolluted salt deposits remained.The Himalayan pink salt, unlike the traditional, purified white salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements.

Dr Gaja Himalayan salt recommended for use in place of white salt.

Additional Information:
Store at room temperature in a dry, shaded area.

How to use:
The use of pink Himalayan salt in the kitchen is identical to the traditional white salt.

Net weight: 500g.

Details: himalayan pink salt