Hirudoid ointment 40g superficial vein thrombosis, hirudoid gel


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  • Hirudoid ointment. The indications for the use of ointments Hirudoid are: disease of superficial vein thrombosis of superficial veins (superficial phlebitis), inflammation of varicose veins, superficial vein thrombosis after intravenous infusions and injections.

Hirudoid Ingredients:
100 g of ointment or gel Hirudoid contains 300 mg polysulfated mukopolisacharydowego (heparynoid) - equivalent to 25 000 j. (Unit established by determining the partial time of the activated thromboplastin time APTT).

Action Hirudoid: The product Hirudoid prevents the formation of blood clots superficial, stimulates their absorption and exhibits a local effect anti-inflammatory, and it accelerates the absorption of edema and hematoma. Polyphenyl mukopolisacharydowy runs through anticoagulant effect on coagulation and fibrinolytic system. Furthermore, it exerts anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting the activity of catabolic enzymes and prostaglandin synthesis and affecting the complement system. It also causes the regeneration of connective tissue activating the synthesis of mesenchymal cells and normalization of water binding intercellular substance. After topical application of the preparation active substances penetrate into the tissues located under the surface of the skin, exerting a therapeutic effect.

Hirudoid Indications: Diseases of superficial vein thrombosis of superficial veins (superficial phlebitis), inflammation of varicose veins, venous thrombosis superficial after infusions and intravenous injections, varicose veins of the lower limbs, supportive treatment after surgery lived sclerosis and in the treatment of post-thrombotic syndrome. Hematomas, contusions, swelling. Furthermore, the ointment used to accelerate the process of scar tissue trauma, burns, operations. The gel can also be used to fono- and iontophoresis (in iontophoresis given him the cathode).

Dosage Hirudoid: Apply 3-5 cm of ointment or gel to the affected areas, massaging gently once or several times a day. Ointment can also be used under the dressing. For softening of hard scar ointment should be vigorously massaged into the skin.