HOLEON-5 AMBROS - 15 multilayer tablets, HOLEON-5 AMBROS

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HOLEON-5 AMBROS Application:

HOLEON-5-AMBROS is suitable for those suffering from acute and chronic stress, low vitality, seasonal fluctuations in mood, mild to moderate depression, alcohol and nicotine abuse, systemic headache. The product is intended for people with low serotonin as a result of acute and chronic stress, seasonal neuroendocrine changes, mood swings, low vitality, mild to moderate depression, headache, fibromyalgia, in cases of alcohol and nicotine abuse.

Choleon - 5 Ambrose contains L-tryptophan and 5 hydroxytryptophan, which are major precursors of SEROTONIN. The high-tech production process of HOLEON-5-AMBROS is a guarantee for good resorption. The multilayer tablet provides the necessary sequence of excretion of the substance and corresponding plasma levels of the active ingredients, a guarantee for overcoming the blood-encephalic barrier and the synthesis of serotonin.

HOLEON-5 AMBROS Composition:

1 tablet contains: dry extract of Griffonia (semen Griffoniae) / 5-hydroxy tryptophan (5-HTP) 50.505 mg., L-tryptophan (L-tryptophan) 250 mg., Vitamin PP (nicotinamide) 10.80 mg. , vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 1,458

Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, hydroxy propylmethylcellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, vegetable magnesium stearate, carboxymethylcellulose, polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, talc, silicon dioxide, indigotine.


1 tablet daily with a glass of water in the morning. Avoid evening meals. Do not chew the tablets!

Taking one tablet daily in the morning on an empty stomach guarantees a quick effect - within a few days - for stress and depression.

Choleon-5 Ambrose is safe to use. Under medical supervision it can be combined with other products and is not addictive.


Hypersensitivity to some of the ingredients, pregnancy.

When taking antidepressants, please consult your doctor.

- Food supplement.
- Keep out of the reach of small children.
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
- The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.