HOME CLEAN veterinary spray 150 ml

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HOME CLEAN veterinary spray

For effective pest control in closed rooms. With 6 months of long-term protection. Canina's Home Clean - the quick death for lice, fleas, their larvae and egg clutches as well as other vermin in closed rooms. The permethrin contained in Canina's Home Clean kills fleas and flea larvae quickly and reliably. The long-term protection is based on the active ingredient pyriproxifen, which prevents the development cycle of the fleas for up to 6 months.

HOME CLEAN veterinary spray Use:
Home Clean is placed in the center of the animals' lounge on a raised place, for example on a table covered with newspaper. First remove the white plastic lid, then press the white plastic tab down until it clicks into place. Then the door of the room should be closed from the outside and not entered for 2 hours. The content of Home Clean empties within a few minutes and is sufficient for approx. 60 sqm or 150 cbm. Then ventilate thoroughly for half an hour.

HOME CLEAN veterinary spray Preparation of the rooms to be treated:

all rooms as possible to which dogs / cats have access. Close external doors and windows. Before use, bird cages should be taken out of the room, aquariums and terrariums should be covered and the ventilation should be switched off.

HOME CLEAN veterinary spray Note:
Contains permetrin. Only use the product in a targeted manner to avoid environmental pollution. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

HOME CLEAN veterinary spray Composition:
100g contain permetrin 6.809g, piperonyl butoxide 15.184g, S – methoprene 0.456g, Alcheni, 2 – propanol