HOME LABORATORY Electronic thermometer 1 piece


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HOME LABORATORY Electronic thermometer quickly and easily measures body temperature (measured in the mouth, armpit or rectum). It has proven effectiveness.

HOME LABORATORY Electronic thermometer Operation: The product is a convenient and easy to use electronic thermometer. It is perfect for measuring body temperature in the mouth, rectum and armpit. Its activation only involves pressing the ON / OFF button. The thermometer remembers the last measurement taken.

HOME LABORATORY Electronic thermometer Model: Electronic thermometer.
Memory: includes the last result
. Measurement range: 32-42.9 deg.
Display: LCD
Accuracy of measurement 0.01
Warranty: 2 years
Switch: automatic
Power supply: Manganese alkaline battery, type LR41, 1.5V, minimum life 100 hours continuous operation

HOME LABORATORY Electronic thermometer Usage:
Apply externally. The thermometer tip must be disinfected before use. Press the ON / OFF button. After a short beep, the following symbols should appear on the display: Lo and C. flashing. This means that the device is ready for use. Temperature measurement can be made in the rectum (after placing the thermometer in the rectum at a maximum depth of 2 cm), under the arm and mouth. It is advisable to measure the temperature in the rectum due to the fact that this measurement gives the most accurate result.