HOMEOPLASMINE ointment 18g acceleration of wound healing and skin irritation


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  • HOMEOPLASMINE is a homeopathic preparation in the form of an ointment for topical use, which affects the acceleration of wound healing and skin irritation.

Bryonia dioica TM, benzo TM, TM decandra Phytolacca, Calendula officinalis TM, Acidum boricum

The preparation is characterized by a complex, unique composition, which positively affects the functioning of the body. Belongs to the category of homeopathic medicines to support the treatment of skin lesions - primarily accelerates the healing of minor wounds and skin irritations.

Use for skin irritation in the form of minor injuries, scratches, abrasions, cuts or cracks. Also used by irritated nasal vestibule.

on the affected skin, lubricate x 1-3 / 24, the nasal vestibule lubricate x 2 / 24h (morning and evening).