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HOMVIO-RIN tablets 50 pc

Homviora Arzneimittel Dr.Hagedorn GmbH & Co. KG

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HOMVIO-RIN ® tablets

Areas of application
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures . These include: Inflammation and voiding disorders of the urinary organs

HOMVIO-RIN Composition
Medicinally active ingredients:
Populus tremuloides Trit. D1 | 100.0 mg

HOMVIO-RIN For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Homviora ® drug
Dr. Hagedorn GmbH & Co. KG
Arabellastrasse 5
D - 81925 Munich

• anti-inflammatory
• analgesic
• well tolerated

Burning and painful urination? Frequent need to urinate?
Homvio-Rin ® is a homeopathic combination drug that is used against inflammation and voiding disorders of the urinary bladder. Homvio-Rin ®Naturally relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of cystitis and irritable bladder. The causes are varied, they range from careless hygiene to poor drinking to organic drainage disorders. The symptoms of a cystitis - often caused by rising bacteria - are similar to those of an irritable bladder, an acute or chronic irritation of the bladder, which can result from a disturbance of the psycho-vegetative system, for example. Urinary bladder infections cause severe symptoms such as burning sensation and pain when urinating, frequent urination of small amounts of urine, nocturnal urge to urinate, occasionally bladder spasms and cloudy urine.

Cystitis is a widespread problem in all age groups and both sexes. However, women in particular often suffer from cystitis. The reason: Your urethra is considerably shorter than that of the man. This makes it easier for bacteria to rise out of the intestines and thus the risk of a bladder infection in women is 50 times higher than in men. Women between the ages of 30 and 50 are particularly affected, as hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause increase the risk of urinary bladder infections.

• Plant-based active ingredients
• Gluten- free

No changes or side effects are known Homvio-Rin ® - anti-inflammatory
Both inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) and irritable bladder can cause bladder pain and cramps in the lower abdomen. They are caused by spasmodic contraction of the urinary bladder while urinating and an uncomfortable, painful burning sensation when emptying urine. Urination in particular can be excruciating. Because even if the urinary pressure is strong, the mostly incomplete emptying of the urinary bladder does not bring relief, but causes bladder problems.

Homvio-Rin ®is suitable for treating the "bladder" symptoms caused by bacterial infestation, such as constant urge to urinate, frequent urination with small amounts of urine, so-called bladder emptying disorders (despite a full bladder and strong urge to urinate), incontinence (bladder weakness), itching, burning sensation and pain when urinating, bladder spasms, cloudy urine with an altered smell.

Homvio-Rin ® - pain reliever
A bladder infection (cystitis) or an irritable bladder can cause considerable pain. Homvio-Rin ®Naturally relieves painful cramps and the uncomfortable symptoms of cystitis and irritable bladder. Since cystitis is a bacterial infection, doctors usually treat it with antibiotics. An alternative to synthetic drugs are natural active ingredients.

Homvio-Rin ® - well tolerated
The homeopathic medicine Homvio Rin ® contains the natural active ingredients of the bark of the tremuloides (populus tremuloides) - salicin and salicortin, which according to homeopathic teaching for anti-inflammatory and analgesic Effect of the plant can be blamed. The bark, leaves and buds of the poplar contain active ingredients that have a positive effect on urine excretion and are highly valued in homeopathy.