Horse EQUOLYT calcium carbonate powder vet.

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Horse EQUOLYT calcium carbonate powder 

Pack size:1 kg

Dosage form: powder

Ingredients: 36% calcium, 9% ashes insoluble in hydrochloric acid

Horse EQUOLYT calcium carbonate powder :

Calcium is vital for the animal's care and is required in the organism:
- for blood clotting
- for the functioning of the muscles
- for strong teeth
- for the formation and maintenance of the skeleton
- for cartilage formation - and maintenance
Deficits in the growth phase can lead to bone decalcification. Due to its excellent tolerance, we recommend calcium carbonate for young animals, aging animals and animals weakened by disease, because adult animals also need a constant supply of calcium, which is metabolically dependent.
Horse EQUOLYT calcium carbonate powder Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Depending on the size, 4-6 tablespoons sprinkled over the food (1 tablespoon = approx. 15g)