Horse Food KIESELGUR Liquid Powder vet. 2 kg

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Horse Food KIESELGUR Liquid Powder vet.

Kieselguhr Liquid Powder

100% natural diatoms finely ground, sprayable - highly drying grit for use in stables or in the home.

Kieselguhr Liquid Powder is characterized by its good water miscibility and thus allows a dust-free application. Due to its specific quick drying, the effectiveness is fully retained.

Diatomaceous earth has the following properties

  • Strong moisture retention
  • Binds flea and mite droppings
  • Optimized stall hygiene, better stall climate, fewer flies
  • High and long-lasting effectiveness
  • Purely biophysical effect
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Diatomite products are officially listed as a food additive