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HORSE OINTMENT classic Ensbona Tube

Ferdinand Elmermacher GmbH & Co.KG

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HORSE OINTMENT classic Ensbona Tube

Pack size:200mlDosage form:ointment

ENSBONA ® horse ointment

with camphor, rosemary, arnica and horse chestnut extract is a relief after physical exertion and fatigue. The cooling skin care makes you fresh and vital in 2 phases. When applied, it initially cools stressed areas of the body, then vigorously massaged in warms up and relaxes muscles and vision.

ENSBONA ® horse ointment regenerates and reactivates stressed areas of the body and ensures greater mobility and well-being.

ENSBONA ® horse ointment revitalizes and nourishes the skin at the same time.

Originally developed for horses, its effectiveness has been recommended for humans for generations. ENSBONA ® horse ointment is based on over 100 years of expertise and has been optimized and perfected with our own formulation for a better quality of life for our customers.

The skin compatibility was dermatologically confirmed as “very good”.

HORSE OINTMENT classic Ensbona Tube